Debut CD - Delusions Of Grandeur


Debut album available at

Delusions Of Granduer - Jeremy Mitchell Band

1 Weight Of The World 03:56  
2 Closing In 03:51  
3 The Unknown 03:18  
4 The 4th Of March 05:07  
5 Long Road Home 04:01  
6 Delusions Of Grandeur 04:42  
7 Twist Of Fate 04:44  
8 The 12 Shades Of Tomorrow 03:31  
9 Sunday's Sun 03:50  
10 Full Circle 02:53  

August 2015 - have uploaded some new tracks (demo's) of songs that will be on my next album... check them at here

June 2013: Giving the McCarty a workout after going through the fine details of setting up a guitar with guru Joseph Price at Soxy Music. Great day & recommend it to anyone if you want to understand how your guitar works and how to get the best out of it.

March 2013: Currently recording songs for my 2nd CD at Incubator Studios, working album title "3:22 Sunday Afternoon". Using my new Paul Reed Smith with the new narrowfield pickup's through a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50, what a fantastic recording guitar!!!